d•j•dy•nas•ty (d•j•di•nas•t) n (1996) 1 : a real-time look into the life of a gay man 2 : an undramatized diary for public viewing esp. via the internet

Join as we celebrate 20 years on the web in a year long celebration. —

In July 2015 will begin it’s year long celebration of 20 years of being on the Internet, and to celebrate we’ve decided to go BIG because this has always been home. has never had any other writers on it’s site other than the original DjDynasty himself. A person who anonymously continues to hide behind an old AOL Screen name that changed his life for the better. This site predates social media, blogging, and other forms of instant communications. It has always been the mission of to show the reader that life gets better, even prior to the advent of the Trevor Project. It is written in a venting manner to allow people to see the daily struggles as well as the solutions that the writer would come up with based on his personal support network. It has been written by a single gay man who has a very limited scope of topics and personal experience to draw from.

To move forward will begin accepting new writers on both a permanent staff basis, as well as a guest writer for one or two pieces. We will begin rolling out new advertising onto the website to allow these writers to be paid, in addition to setting up a virtual tip jar for each writer. is seeking writers who truly cover all ages and facets of the gay community that has evolved from the GLB community to the GLBTQ. There are issues in personal, professional and legal that face people that were never thought of 20 years ago when this site launched. The mainstream leather community has forked into a bunch of different subsets, the gay male community has evolved to have an active bear community, and HIV is no longer a death sentence, but a manageable health condition that requires a life of medication much like diabetes.

Transgender people have become more visbile in the recent years and I would love to have input from them on writings also.

Sometimes in the quest to move forward you often feel you are moving backwards. I’d like you to record those journeys or write about times in your life where the struggle seemed unbearable and you have managed to overcome it. I also welcome submissions from straight but not narrow supporters. Family members of GLBT who have first hand accounts of witnessing the problems they saw facing their family members, and continued frustrations on things going on.

All submissions will stay anonymous. If you want to be published you will provide a desired handle in which you will use.You can use a pen name, or your real name. Posts have the option to automatically publishing to your social media for you, or only posting to the social media feeds that already exist for DjDynasty himself.

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